Become an Ambassador

What is being an ambassador about?

You represent the Global Startup Awards (GSAwards) as an individual in your country and/or in a special industry (just like Fintech, Biotech, VCs, etc), overlapping countries or even regions, because of your immeasurable influence and experience within that specific part of the startup ecosystem. Ambassadors are the main drivers for recommending the best of their startup ecosystems, thus they have a tremendous influence on the future of the nominees. (If you are willing to join as an organization, please consider joining as an Ecosystem Partner)

What is your role in the competition?

  • You will be expected to recommend the crème de la crème from your startup ecosystem through exclusive access to the nomination platform, which will also allow you to easily nominate companies/individuals for any category and to track the progress of your nominees over the competition season.
  • As nominated companies and individuals will only become contestants for the competition when they accept the invitation (including the General Terms and Conditions) and answer the questions for the category/categories they are willing to participate in (they can apply more of them in parallel), we’ll also ask your help to push your nominees to finalise their registrations.
  • Take part in sharing information about the GSAwards events and news in your network.
  • You will be approved as an Ambassador when you have invited at least 10 companies/individuals that/who fit the criteria of the particular category/categories and at least 3 of them have finalised their applications.

What you get

As an Ambassador you will enjoy the following benefits, once your contribution is completed:

  • Introduction on both the regional and global website and social media channels.
  • You will be part of an exclusive group that will represent your region as a national and local expert where you will get a chance to have an impact by recommending who is going to represent the best of the region to the rest of the world.
  • Access to an exclusive, curated group of all active Ambassadors, Country Partners, and Ecosystem Partners from all around the world to interconnect with each other and build your peer-to-peer network globally.
  • Access to the GSAwards Alumni network when the particular season is over, which comes with invitations to all GSAwards events around the world.
  • You will receive an official certificate and a graphics package to use on your Social Media channels.
  • The best performing Ambassador in each region will be interviewed for an article, to be featured on both the regional and the global social media channels of GSAwards.
  • The best performing Ambassador in each region will have the opportunity to have a professional announcement delivered on the GSAwards social media channels.

We hope you are interested and excited to work with us and contribute to finding and connecting that next 1% globally.


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